Waste Management Procedure


Effective waste management is a very important element in today’s environment preservation requirement. We are committed in implementing the waste management process to effectively manage both scheduled and non-scheduled waste, generated by us.

Recyclable/re-useable materials such as paper, carton boxes, wires, plastic bottles, water drums, ink cartridge, metals and non-recyclable materials like food waste, food wrappers and other non-hazardous waste are all classified as non-scheduled waste.

Scheduled and non-scheduled wastages generated in ProMicom, will be placed in proper container taking into consideration all the required safety aspects. This waste will be placed in designated areas and disposed through the authorized contractors. Our relevant staff have been well trained in the identification, handling, labelling, transportation, storage and disposal of the scheduled and non-scheduled wastages.

Recyclable materials shall be collected and sold to scrap or other vendors. Reusable materials shall be collected, stored and used when the need arises or where possible. Non-recyclable materials shall be disposed-off as garbage.