Labour Practices Policy


ProMicom Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. is committed in ensuring compliance to the Malaysian Labour Practices Act (Malaysian Employment Act 1955 – ILO) requirements. All our labour/service contracts are aligned to the requirements of the terms and conditions set forth in the Employment Act.  Hence, we totally prohibit child labour and involuntary labour engagement in our organization.

We ensure there are no restrictions set upon in our contracts, which prevents employees from any freedom of association (ie. To join a registered trade union or participating in the activities of a registered trade union).

We also ensure equal opportunity in the workplace, providing a positive and continuous working and learning environment, equal employment and advancement opportunities where all individuals are treated in a fair manner, with respect and dignity, regardless of their status.

We believe that our commitment to fairness and respect for all helps create an environment that is conducive to the open exchange of ideas, attraction of competent staff and the development of effective products, services and processes.

In applying this policy, ProMicom is committed to the principle of non-discrimination against individuals on the basis of personal/religious/political beliefs, religion, ethnicity, race, colour, gender, age, marital status and/or physical state unrelated to job requirements.

ProMicom values the contributions that each employee brings with his/her role within the organization.