Globalization has changed the landscape in the way businesses are done around the world. Businesses are now more visible and are able to provide services more easily and are at the same time easily monitored.

It is therefore important for business to ensure proper and diligent business practices to fulfill stakeholder’s requirements. At ProMicom, we intend to do just that, to balance growth, profitability and corporate sustainability taking the communities and environment into consideration. A holistic approach is necessary to ensure business continuity and progress. We are striving to reduce the environmental impacts of our business even though it is not very significant, improving the working conditions and developing the capability of our workforce (both on and off-site) to bring us to the next level.

It is clear that the private sector will face challenges in the global economy and we understand that working together collaboratively with our stakeholders is the key to our growth.

ProMicom, is fully committed to understand and fulfill stakeholder needs and expectations for environmental sustainability, health and safety. We are proud of the relationships we have built with many highly respected and reputable organizations and continue to be of service to them. We intend to expand and strengthen these partnerships. Our stakeholders bring in-depth experience and knowledge that is critical to solving glitches and we will continue seeking new opportunities to work together on areas that are most significant to our business and on which we can make a meaningful impact.

In this report, we describe how we are achieving progress through implementing the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems, sustainable practices, methods to conserve resources and promote workplace health and safety. These efforts have become a part of our business processes and are only some of the initiatives implemented that will help drive our business for generations to come.

Click here for full details on our Sustainability GRI Report.