Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ProMicom Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. is fully committed to corporate social responsibility. We invest our time consistently for the wellness of the citizens. We are fully aware that good corporate citizenship, benefits our communities. Our involvement in social responsibility and community are persistent and crucial to our mission, caring for the communities we serve, conserving energy and natural resources and creating a safe and better environment to live and work.

ProMicom supports various organizations through its CSR programs, areas covering education support for underprivileged children, orphanage homes, religious bodies and cancer societies. Below are the official bodies which we have been supporting under our CSR program.

  • WWF (World Wide Life Fund): Animal Protection & Preservation


  • Malaysian Association For The Blind: Charity – Orphanage

Malaysian Association for the Blind

  • PHNS-Fund Raising: Charity – Education to Vivegananda Charity Organization: Charity – Education

PHNS-Fund Raising

  • The Divine Life Society


  • Hospice: Charity – Cancer


  • UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund): Charity – Orphanage


Apart from the above, ProMicom also support state and national sports bodies and play an active role in sports funding to further help in the development of sports in Malaysia. We support Golf, Tennis and Cricket under the sports category of our CSR program.

golf-malaysiaitamMalaysian Cricket AssiciationDisclaimer
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