Environment Policy


As a leading IT, Manpower Recruitment, Outsourcing and Training Services provider, we recognize the importance of our responsibility to the environment and use of energy and believe we should take every opportunity to protect and nurture the environment.

To achieve this, ProMicom and its management will:

  • comply with all applicable environmental legal and other requirements to which it subscribes;
  • minimize environmental impacts caused by our operations and business processes in order to prevent pollution and harm to the environment;
  • minimize waste generation, energy usage and conserve natural resources (reduce, re-use, recycle, re-think) as far as is practicable;
  • support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services;
  • ensure proper methods of managing wastes are followed;
  • provide necessary information and resources to implement environment and energy related activities;
  • not use banned substances and conflict¬† materials;
  • continually improve environment and energy performance;
  • set and review environment and energy policy, procedures, objectives and targets;
  • provide appropriate environment and energy related training for personnel;
  • communicate this policy to all persons working for or on behalf of our organization and make it available to public.