Effective Supervisory Skills

SBL KHAS – Approved training program (5887)
18th  & 19th November 2015


Supervisors play a key role in any organization. They are responsible for creating a link between upper management and front-line employees, and have a dramatic impact on employee performance and behaviour.

In this 2 days program, participants will gain an understanding of their role as Supervisors (or potential supervisors) in the organization, acquire knowledge how to get work done through others, how to sustain and improve performance of team members; overcome challenges facing supervisors and, and have a desire to develop more effective supervisory skills and leadership competencies.

The program will use practical work-related tools, exercises, case-studies, role-plays to ensure application of learning takes place.
Participants will also be given tips and strategies on becoming highly effective supervisors.


  • Define the scope, nature and responsibility of the supervision role and the challenges this role places on them.
  • Effectively communicate verbally and non-verbally with others using the techniques learned.
  • Energize and inspire their team for a better performance based on superior requirement and organization.
  • Use different skills in supervisor in management skills using the six management tools.
  • Effectively supervise their staff by applying key principles of leadership and styles in managing them achieve results.
  • Apply their role as motivators in daily to daily supervising employees to perform beyond expectation.
  • Practice professional techniques in providing positive discipline at work place.
  • Learn the value of delegation and prioritizing so they can be more effective and efficient in their work.


Day 1:

  • Being a Supervisor Today
    • Supervisors Key Tasks and Roles
    • Superiors expectation and performance
    • Essential skills for Supervisors
    • Myths about supervision
    • Responsibilities and challenges
    • Problems Supervisors encounter
    • Competencies of the 21st Century Supervisor
    • Exercises and case study: Application at workplace
  • Supervision in Management Skills
    • 6 Tools in Management tools
    • Analysis to rank yourself the level
    • Exercises – worksheets
  • Supervisory Leadership
    • Leadership & the Qualities required to lead people
    • Different Leadership roles

Day 2:

  • Communicating Effectively
    • Barriers to effective communication
    • Effectively-Developing effective listening skills
    • Practical exercises
    • Reading non-verbal messages
    • Techniques in Providing feedback
  • Effective Motivator at workplace
    • Practical worksheet and template
    • Different workable motivational theories
    • Theory of Motivation
    • Motivation and STAR Performer
    • SMARTer Goal setting to achieve desire and make a different
  • Empowering people through Effective Delegation
    • Art of Effective Delegation
    • Four “Rights” of Delegation
    • When, Whom, How to delegate
  • Orientation and positive discipline
    • Use of progressive disciplinary practices
    • Applying reinforcement strategies

 About the Consultant:Dr. RAJEN SANGAMALAY

He holds DBA, MBA, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Manufacturing Practice, Diploma in Training & Development, Diploma in Business Administration and Certificate in Supervisory Skills (ISM, UK). He is a Certified Instructor for several management and technical programs. He has more than 35years of experience in various positions in MNC Companies. He has gained solid practical and hands on experience. His areas of specialization includes: Train The Trainer, Supervisory Development, Leadership Development, Training Needs Analysis, Communication, Problem Solving, Management Skills, 5s, Lean Management, Safety etc. PSMB Certified Accredited Trainer No:7801

Training Methodology:

  • Interactive lectures
  • Individual activities
  • Exercises: Individual and Group
  • Presentations
  • Discussion
  • Feedback session
  • Question and Answer

Target Group:

Supervisors, Junior Supervisors, Senior Technicians, Lead Operators, Team Leaders or who has people reporting to them.

What will be provided?

  • Comprehensive manual with all the activities.
  • “Certificate of Competency” upon completion of Level 2 evaluation.


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