Our Offer - Telecommunication Equipments

ProMicom Radio Rental Managed Services

Fed-up with constant problems with your two-way radio communication?

Here is what we, ProMicom can offer to overcome your two-way radio communication problem.

Irrespective of your rental duration, be it one month or beyond, our two-way radio rental managed services will give you the ultimate satisfaction and hassle-free operation.

Leave your radio communication problems to our experts. You can now spend all your time to focus on improving your core business.

With our years of experience and competence in digital or analogue two-way radio communication systems and our range of radio rental products, we have been supporting major oil and gas clients’ in Malaysia for several years.

Our Radio Rental Managed Services, simplifies your business operations. It allows you to keep your teams in constant communication, thus ensuring productivity, increasing safety and streamlining your day-to-day business operation needs.

Our Radio Rental Managed Services offers the following

  • Immediate replacement radio unit.
  • Free maintenance and service for the whole rental period.
  • Two-way radio support program.
  • Options to upgrade to newer models.
  • Preserve and protect your capital investment.
  • Free battery maintenance and replacement program.
  • Option to purchase the radio systems upon rental contract expiry.

With our new long term rental options, you can also reduce your business expenditure and sustain fiscal flexibility.

Financial advantages

  • No capital expenditure required.
  • No cumbersome initial outlay.
  • Fixed rental payments; simplify your budget planning.
  • Avoid ongoing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) expenditure.
  • Maintain business income without affecting your capital expenditure budget; potentially preserving your credit profile

On top of the monetary benefits, our versatile long term rental periods can be tailored to suit your project requirements.

Other advantages consists of

  • Full system design, analysis, management and installation.
  • Defined upgrade path ensures obsolescence and inventory disposal issues are avoided.
  • Managed services provides full technical support and assistance on an ongoing basis, giving you the convenience and assurance.
  • Swift replacement of any defective parts/equipment.
  • Simplify your communications requirements with ProMicom’s Radio Rental Services, so that you can focus on what’s important  running your business